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Qualified Attorney
Successful Business Owner
Precinct Chair 2010-2021
Election Judge

(Multiple Primary & General Elections)

Welcome to my campaign website! I’m excited about this campaign to keep Conservative Values in the 367th District Court. This is currently a Family Law Court whose jurisdiction covers all of Denton County. I am a long-time, conservative Republican. I’ve worked in the trenches as a Precinct Chairman and Election Judge in Denton County for a decade. I’ve fought hard electing Republicans and I strongly believe in the principles of our Republican Party. As I ask for your vote, I want you to know I believe criminals should be held personally responsible for their actions and, as a strict constructionist, I will not legislate from the bench!

Most people that go to law school do not know what type of law they want to practice. I applied for law school knowing that I wanted to practice family law. I understand it clearly. I have a heart for it and it is my main focus in the law and has been from day one. Family law is my calling and I have dedicated my entire practice to it. My experience includes a huge array of clients from my pro bono work for many domestic violence victims to multi-million-dollar property divorces. Family law includes divorce and custody cases as well as complex multi-layered property cases. It involves protective orders and new trials, adoptions and Child Protective interventions. I have represented grandparents, aunts and uncles, step parents and children. Additionally, I mediate family law cases.

Personally, I have experienced several sides of family law. That gives me a unique perspective. I have been the client going through a difficult divorce and child custody case. I have been the attorney helping people through it. And, I have been the mediator negotiating parties to agreements. Having been through these different types of cases I see how it directly affects children and others in our lives. It inspires me to treat people with a dignity and grace that I often see missing. Family law is often about good people going through their worst times.

I believe in communicating clearly and effectively with my clients, opposing counsel and Judges. Families need quick and fair solutions. All parties in a case need to know they will be treated fairly knowing I will follow the law.

So you’ll know a little more about me, I received my undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of North Texas. Then, I attended law school at Texas A&M University School of Law. In law school, I received extensive training in both mediation practice and trial advocacy.

Active in politics, I served as president of the Denton County Young Republicans and Precinct Chair for the Denton County Republican Party. I’ve worked on many political campaigns. I am also active with the Denton County Young Lawyers Association. I have lived in the Denton area for sixteen years.

My husband, Greg Goline, and I are the proud parents of our blended family of seven children.

Please lend me your vote of confidence
for 367th District Judge



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Theresa, Thank you for all you have done for my children and I, you have changed our lives in ways you could never imagine! You have given us back what’s rightfully ours, our lives, and for that we are eternally grateful to you.

From the beginning, you stood by my side and felt the pain and torments within me, all in the unspoken. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to you. I speak on behalf of all women when I say how proud and appreciatory we all are to have you representing us. Being, not only the face that stands before the courts, you are above all THE courage and strength we all long for.